Unaccompanied Choral:


O Sacrum Convivium - SATB (2018) 5'

Commissioned by Salisbury Cathedral Choir for the Southern Choirs Festival, 2018

Stella Caeli - SATB (2018) 6'

Commissioned by the Genesis Foundation for performance in Eton Chapel by The Sixteen under the direction of Harry Christophers. 'Stella Caeli' will be released on The Sixteen's record label CORO in 2019

On Christmas Morn - SATB (2017) 4'

Commissioned by the Royal Philharmonic Society and Classic FM for performances by The Sixteen in December 2017

Four Motets - SSATB (2017) 5' each

Senex Puerum Portabat, Ego Flos Campi, Super Flumina Babylonis, Victimae Paschali Laudes.  Recordings here

Thou Knowest, Lord - SATB choir and soprano saxophone (2017) 5'

Commissioned by Siglo de Oro and Sam Corkin for performance in Malta, 2017

Salve Regina - SSATB (2017) 5'

Performed by the Ebor Singers in York, 2017. Recording here

Three Anthems - SATB (2017) 5'

Commissioned by Salisbury Cathedral Choir, for performance in 2017

Revelation Motets - SATB (2016) 12'

              Et Civitas - SATB - 5'

Commissioned by Sansara Chamber Choir for performance in London, in September 2016. Recording here

            Et Vidi Angelum - SATB - 3'

Commissioned by The Queen's College Chapel Choir for their CD A New Heaven in 2015. Recording here

              Et Signum - SATB - 4'

Recording here

Marian Hymns - SATB (2016) 4' each

Alma Redemptoris Mater, Ave Sanctissima Maria, Ave Regina Caelorum, Ave Maris Stella. Recordings here

Ubi Caritas et Amor - SATB (2016) 4'

Published by Edition Peters. Copies available here. Recording here

Tantum Ergo - SATB (2015) 4'

Commissioned by the Edington Music Festival 2015. Broadcast on BBC Radio 3 from the 2015 Edington Festival of Music in the liturgy. Published by Edition Peters in 2016. Copies can be purchased here. Live recording here

Ecce Quam Bonum - SATB (2015) 3'

Winner of the 2105 Matthew Schellhorn Prize for Sacred Music Composition. Performed at St Mary Moorfields on Holy Saturday 2015

Tenebrae Factae Sunt - SSAATB (2014) 3'

Commissioned by The Queen's College Chapel Choir, Oxford, for performance on 8th March, 2015

Missa Brevis - SATB (2014) 15'

Commissioned by Will Dawes and the choir of Mary Magdalen, Oxford, for performance on 8th February 2015, and 29th May 2016

I Vow to Thee - SATB (2014) 6'

Commissioned by Sansara for performance in November 2014. 

Our Journey Had Advanced - SATB (2014) 3'

Commissioned by Sansara Chamber Choir, performed in their series of concerts in September 2014. Performed at First Parish, Brookline, MA, under the direction of Keith Kirchoff in 2015. Recording here

Memorare - SSA soloists and SATB (2014) 5'

Composed for the Queen's College Chapel Choir for performance in evensong on 9th November 2014. Published by Edition Peters. Copies available for purchase here

Bring us, O Lord God - SSAATB (2014) 6'

Performed at evensong by The Chapel Choir of The Queen's College, Oxford on 15th June 2014

Lamentations of Jeremiah - SSATB (2013) 10'

Composed for The Queen's College Chapel Choir, Oxford, for performance on 8th March 2014. Performed by Sansara Chamber Choir at Merton Chapel, Oxford, on 19th March, 2016. Recording here

Gethsemane - SATB (2013) 10'

Workshopped by the BBC Singers in London on 18th April, 2016


Accompanied Choral:


A Prayer of St Francis of Assisi - SATB and ensemble (2016) 8'

Co-commissioned by Sansara Chamber Choir and The Bate Players of Oxford University

Vigilate - two SSA Choirs and Chamber Organ (2014) 40'

Performed 8th May 2014 by Voces Reginae of The Queen's College, Oxford. Recording here



On a Dream - SATB (2017) 4'

Composed for Blossom Street Singers through the Royal Academy of Music 2016. Recording here

Devouring Time, Blunt Thou the Lion's Paws - SSATB (2016) 4'

Performed by The Queen's College Chapel Choir in a concert celebrating musical settings of Shakespeare on 11th June, 2016

Eden is that old-fashioned house - SATB (2016) 6'

Commissioned by the Arcadian Singers for performance on 17th June 2016. Published by Edition Peters. Copies available here.

The Oxen - SATB double choir (2015) 5'

Commissioned by Sansara chamber choir. Performed in Winchester on 3rd and 4th January 2015. Composed December 2014




Autopilot Saves Model S - Chamber Opera in one act (2017) 60'

Commissioned by Faded Ink Productions, Oxford. Collaboration with Leo Mercer (poet/librettist) exploring the theme of intelligent technology.

First performances in Oxford in June 2017, with subsequent performances in Manchester on 29th July.


Rothschild's Violin - Chamber Opera in one act (2016) 60'

Commissioned by New College Opera, Oxford, 2015. First performances in Oxford 12th/13th February 2016. Recording here




All the Spare Light - Soprano and ensemble (2018) 4'

A song composed for the Hermes Experiment, 2018, in collaboration with the poet Gillian Clarke. First performed at the Royal Academy of Music in March 2018

I'm Not There - Soprano and ensemble (2017) 5'

Composed as part of the 'Songbook' project for performance at the Royal Academy of Music, 2017. Recording here

This is my play's last scene - Baritone and piano (2016) 5'

Commissioned by Rory Green, August 2016. A setting of John Donne's famous poem

The Still Midnight - Soprano and Harp (2016) 6'

Commissioned by Helena Moore for performance in the Great Court of Trinity College, Cambridge, in June 2016

The World Flew By - Soprano and Piano (2015) 10'

Composed for Helena Moore, August 2014. A collaboration with Leo Mercer based on Paul Klee's painting "The Twittering Machine". Performed in the Shulman Auditorium, The Queen's College Oxford, on 31st January 2015. Recording here

I felt the sand under my feet - Soprano and Piano (2014) 6'

Composed for Caroline Halls, July 2014. A setting of Takahasi Shinkichi's poem Beach Rainbow

The Listeners - Soprano and Piano (2014) 7'

Workshopped at Oxford University Music Faculty March 2014




At Ghosting Hour - Orchestra (2017) 8'

Workshopped by the Royal Academy of Music Symphony Orchestra in September 2017

Tangled Roots - Orchestra (2016) 8'

Fading Sun - Orchestra (2014) 10'

Commissioned by the Zeitgeist Chamber Orchestra March 2014 under the direction of Sam Poppleton. Workshopped by the Oxford Philomusica in February 2015




The day does not pass - Accordion Orchestra (2017) 7'

Composed for the London Accordion Orchestra for performance in 2018, under the direction of Ian Watson

Unearthed - Chamber ensemble (2017) 13'

Commissioned by Consortium Novum of the University of Oxford under the direction of Matthew Reese for performance in 2018

Constellations - open score ensemble (2017) 5'

Composed for CoMA (Contemporary Music For All) for performance at the Royal Academy of Music, 2017

The Deserted House - Soprano and Chamber Orchestra (2016) 9'

Composed for Helena Moore for performances  at the Edinburgh Fringe, 2016

After the Rain - String Orchestra (2015) 10'

Commissioned by the Oxford University String Ensemble. Performances in Oxford in November 2015. Recording here

Glass Cathedrals - String Orchestra (2013) 7'

Performed by members of the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain at Tate Modern, London, as well as Derry and Belfast, August 2013. Recording here




On Winter Nights - Wind Quintet (2018) 11'

Composed for the Coriolis Quintet, 2018

The lines are fallen to me - Mallet Quartet (2017) 7'

Composed for performance at the Royal Academy of Music, for a mallet quartet directed by Colin Currie

Shadows - clarinet and string trio (2018) 8'

Composed for members of the Royal Academy of Music, for performance in April 2018

Zeid - Solo Cello (2017) 5'

Composed for Sarah Gait, for performance in 2018

Fragments of a Dream - Septet (Alto flute, bass clarinet, trombone, percussion, violin, viola, cello) (2017) 8'

Workshopped by Ensemble ISIS in February 2016. Revised for performance by the Zeitgeist Chamber Orchestra in 2018

From Sarashina's Letters - Mixed Quintet (2016) 7'

Composed for CHROMA through the Royal Academy of Music, 2016

Before Sunrise - Solo Piano (2015) 5'

Commissioned by Matthew Schellhorn, 2015, for performances in Autumn 2017

Mountain Paths - Cello and Piano (2014) 10'

Composed for Sarah Gait, and workshopped at Oxford University Music Faculty in March 2015. Recording here

Four Turner Sketches - Clarinet, Piano, String Trio (2014) 15'

Composed for CHROMA and workshopped at the Oxford University Music Faculty in 2014

Evocation - chamber ensemble (2013) 5'

Performed by the New Music Ensemble of the JRNCM 2013 and workshopped by the Manchester Camerata, January 2013




Conjure - Piano and Electronics (2015) 15'

Electronic score for a new play written by Adam Leonard, with a run of shows in Oxford, May 2015

As I Crossed A Bridge of Dreams - Strings and Electronics (2015) 50'

Multimedia score for a run of shows in the Burton Taylor studio in Oxford, in March 2015

His Dark Materials Part I & II - Voices and Electronics (2014) 50'

Musical score for a theatre adaptation of Philip Pullman's epic trilogy of the same title. Performed in a run of shows at the O'Reilly theatre in Oxford in October 2014. Directed by Madeleine Perham. Part two performed in Trinity Term, 2015, in Oxford

Let Your Hair Down - String Quartet and Electronics (2014) 30'

Music score for the play of the same title written by Christine Foley and directed by Marcus Fender at the Burton Taylor Studio in Oxford. Run of shows in June 2014